"DEJAVU® is not really for plagiarism; it's to make artists more original."
Lindsay More Howard, Hawaii Pacific University

"DEJAVU® plays a really important role in helping artists understand intellectual honesty!" Peter Blissett, KZM Karlsruhe

Since it is very easy to steal content from the web by simply copying and pasting, online plagiarism became so widespread that institutions whose task it has been to produce original contributions to knowledge (e.g. universities) can't help but use the same technology that allows the copying for detecting such copying. This phenomenon is known as 'plagiarism detection software' and has meanwhile become part of the daily routine within universities and software companies. These programmes are based on various concepts involving the underlying algorithms, and they are constantly further developed and grow more complex. That is to say, when universities and businesses are willing to make the effort and - also financially - investment in plagiarism detection, they can claim to be on the safe side regarding the originality of their outcomes.

Using the service does not only catch plagiarism, but also prevents it.
DEJAVU® is a teaching tool that offers gentle guidance and support, also for artists.

Single Museum / Art College License
The single museum or art college license gives unlimited access to all staff on a single museum or art school. The license can be purchased by museums and art colleges. Available as one year or multiple year subscriptions. HOW TO BUY

Multiple Museums License
The multi-museums license gives unlimited access to all staff of several museums and public art institutions. This license can be purchased for cultural districts as well. Available as one year or multiple year subscriptions. HOW TO BUY

Gallery / Collector License
The gallery / collector license allows use of DEJAVU® by all staff of one gallery or by an individual collector. This license can only be purchased by privately operating businesses. Available as one year or multiple year subscriptions. HOW TO BUY

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Tristan Hopper, September 6, 2011

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